2014 Callaway Big Bertha is worthy of serious consideration

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My destiny was the standard Callaway Big Bertha due to my slightly lower ball speed than Jamie and I was happy with that choice. Even though the head size is the same at 460cc, the standard Big Bertha look a little bigger and has a bit more forgiveness from a shallower, wider body and I preferred that look.


The crown is made of Forged Composite which is extermely strong and light and enables Callaway to move 8 grams into a sliding red weight on the back of the club to adjust the Moment of Intertia (MOI). This Adjustable Perimeter Weighting was going to come into its own later with surprising results.


The first issue was getting the right shaft. The standard 59 gram Fubuki shaft and I have never really got on, as it is a bit on the firm side. So after a little trial and error I made friends with the slightly heavier 67 gram, 45.5 inch Aldila Tour Green shaft, which is standard in the X2 Hot Pro driver.


Relative to other models in the Callaway range, the Big Bertha was a bit longer for me than the Callaway X2 Hot driver, even though the latter does offer the maximum forgiveness. As designer Alan Hocknell explained to us recently, the X2 Hot has the weighting and MOI effectively preset and is therefore cheaper, but will give a pretty similar performance if your swing suits that particular driver set up.


This shaft gave me consistently more carry, so from there it was a case of using the trackman to try and get the right launch conditions. Having started with a 9 degree head we adjusted the loft up one degree using the adjustable hosel to take some spin off and this did not seem to affect the lie too much.


This gave a better ball flight, but not enough distance, so we then moved the sliding weight round towards the heel to draw position 3 on the track. This was a bit of a suprise, however it was the optimum setting for me and gave the best results, with a launch angle of 10.7 degrees and 2300 RPM spin from 101 mph club head speed, for those who are interested.


I loved the sound of the Callaway Big Bertha Driver which was a classic solid titanium thump and the feel across the hyperbolic face was very good too. This face design is tried and tested and offers a high level of forgiveness to maintain ball speeds even on off centre hits.

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