Better Golf Bunker Shots – Alignment Tour Stick Drill

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The bunker shot can be one of the scariest shots in golf for the average golfer, usually due to a mixture of a lack of confidence, technique and practice. However, like any shot, if there is an understanding of the concept of the shot and some time for good, correct practice, the shot can become fairly easy and sometimes easier than a shot from green side rough.

Firstly, understand how to get the ball out of a bunker. This is the only shot in golf where there is no contact with the golf ball directly. When the golf ball is struck correctly on a normal shot, the ball launches fairly low and with a great deal of speed from the ping g30 driver price face. It then rises up into the air by virtue of the backspin on the ball.

Most bunkers that we find surrounding a green are lower than the actual surface of the green and often have a high lip on them. This means that hitting a ball directly would cause the ball to go too far or launch too low and hit the bunker face staying in the bunker. What is needed is a shot that lifts the ball sharply up into the air and drops it softly a short distance away. This can be achieved by getting the ping g25 hybrid to travel through the sand underneath the golf ball and out the other side, thus sending the sand upward, taking the ball with it out of the bunker. For this to happen effectively, we need to set up to the golf ball slightly differently than we would to hit a normal shot.

As the club face is turned to the right by approximately 10 degrees, the tour stick needs to be laid in the bunker pointing approximately 10 degrees to the left of the target. This means that the alignment of the body to the left, and the aim of the ping g25 driver face to the right, are approximately an equal amount. This equal relationship means that when the bunker shot is hit, along the line of the tour stick lying in the sand, the ball should come out somewhere in the middle of the two, directly in line with the target.

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