Webb Simpson's U.S. Open equipment Titleist 913H Hybrid

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The Titleist range has a broader appeal than ever, thanks to extra forgiveness and impressive adjustability. However, there’s still plenty to attract the traditional Titleist player. The Titleist 913H is the perfect example of this, with its compact and attractive head, a low-spinning, penetrating flight and workability for those accomplished enough to shape the ball.


The head looks fantastic at address and performs particularly well off the deck and from tight lies. Its looks are very similar to last year’s model, but that goes to show that when it works, don’t try to fix it. The head design is a little wider, and the face seems to run square off the hosel with very little, if any, offset, which I loved.


The adjustable hosel system for the fairway woods and hybrids has been changed. The hosel on the 913 fairways and hybrids is shorter than it was on the 910 models. Consequently, a new hosel asssembly for 913 shafts (fairways and hybrids only) is required. Shafts are not interchangeable between the 910 and 913 models, although Titleist will update the older 910 shafts through its custom department.


Performance came next, and it was very easy to strike, flight and shape the ball from all types of lie. The 82-gram shaft I tested helped me to feel where and when the face would square up. This really gave me confidence on exactly where the ball would go immediately after contact. It appears that golf club competition among manufacturers will be centered on drivers for 2013. Ping already has released its new low-spin Anser driver, and other clubmakers will join the driver parade before the PGA Merchandise Show in late January.


Wow! What a club this is. The Titleist 913H hybrid isn’t designed with forgiveness as a priority, so not a club for anyone lacking in confidence.

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