The Exciting Callaway Big Bertha Alpha driver for 2014

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Callaway Big Bertha Alpha driver holds a very special place in my heart. Not just because it represents one of the biggest equipment launches the game has ever seen with the revamp of the iconic Big Bertha name, but also because of the hat tip to Sir Isaac Newton with its new Gravity Core.


The Alpha happens to be one of the most impressive drivers I've tested for some time. The Callaway Big Bertha Alpha driver australia contains an innovative Gravity Core that fits in a carbon tube in the head that connects the crown and sole. It has a glass fibre-reinforced body that weighs in at just 1.5g connected to a tungsten end weighing 10.5g. Either end of the core can be inserted into the clubhead, allowing golfers to raise or lower the centre of gravity and thereby alter their spin rate.


Players with above-average head speeds and those trying to prevent excessive spin will benefit from the lower CG as it creates a flatter, more penetrating launch and consequently, more run out when hitting the deck. Those craving a little more workability and a little less run will want to flip the core over and take advantage of the higher CG.


With the Gravity Core in the middle of the sole, acting as the famous red apple that landed on the head of my tenth great grandfather, it gives off a very modern, futuristic look. Those of you who regularly read my reviews will understand that no matter what technology you put into a Callaway X2 Hot Driver, I'm going to pick up upon alignment. It's something small but for my own game at least, it's something I look for. I'm a little disappointed not to see anything on the Alpha, when the standard Big Bertha has the traditional chevron.


The face feels really solid at impact but it's a bit loud! Then again, who cares when it flies straight and long down the fairway. It also aids good feedback on those off-centre hits. It's a very forgiving driver. I could do with a better alignment aid but those are just personal preferences though.


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