Attack Soft Lies and Pine Straw Like Fairway Bunkers

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If there’s anything worse than a rock-hard lie, it’s a super-soft lie. A golf ball sitting on just-soaked fairways or pine straw, for example.


First, both situations call for a little pre-shot study. On wet turf, you may be entitled to relief from casual water. If water is visible above the ground and interferes with your ball or stance, you may drop without penalty within one club length of the closest point of relief, no nearer the hole.


As for pine straw, you can remove straw from around the ball or your feet – but if the golf ball moves, you incur a one-stroke penalty. It’s wise to hover the TaylorMade SLDR White Driver just above the straw so you don’t risk disturbing it.


To play from soggy or cushiony spots, adopt the same method you’d use in a fairway bunker:
• Since your feet will sink, grip the taylormade sldr irons australia down about an inch on the club.
• Assume a slightly wider stance than usual, with the ball positioned midway between the feet.
• Make an abbreviated backswing to ensure solid balance.
• Concentrate on hitting the ball before the ground; a thin shot is better than a fat one.

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