2014 TaylorMade SLDR Irons versus Tour Preferred CB irons

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Many amateurs prefer to use equipment they see being used on Tour, whereas Tour players prefer to use equipment that will perform and fit their eye. The new TaylorMade Tour Preferred CB irons 2014 are geared towards both sets of players.


The TaylorMade Tour Preferred CB irons are available now in an eight piece set from 3 to PW. Each iron is made from a cast and the set features a subtle but progressive head design throughout the set. The short irons are compact with very little offset, but the longer the club in the set, the larger the head size and offset becomes.


The Cavity-Back irons are the largest, most forgiving iron in the set. They look very like the recent Taylormade SpeedBlade irons, but are slightly more compact, meaning they will suit a slightly lower handicap range. The key to the forgiveness is the Speed Pocket in the sole. Featured in the 3 to 7 iron, the slot in the sole extends 10mm into the sole and is filled with a polymer material designed to keep out debris.


The Taylormade SLDR irons is for the "players who want the best of both worlds". They believe the cavity-back, speed slot iron offers a traditional size and shape with the best of TaylorMade's modern technology. The Speed Pocket features the same 'handlebar' shape on the sole as recent models, offering more forgiveness in the toe and heel, but this time around the slot goes entirely through the club thanks to TaylorMade's latest ThruSlot Technology.


The SLDR iron’s classically shaped and sized clubhead has universal visual appeal. It incorporates our new SpeedPocket with ThruSlot Technology, which produces fast ball speed and high launch across the face for distance and consistency, while also promoting soft feel and sound.


In fact, whilst they are most certainly a cavity-back iron designed for distance and forgiveness, the Taylormade SLDR irons australia will actually play closer to the Tour Preferred CB irons launched earlier this year. They are exactly the same in length, slightly stronger in lofts with a touch more offset and surprisingly, even less bounce.

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