No Distance No Good Putting

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As we all know, golf putting is final but most important link of the whole golf game. Putting is the most precise aspect of the game of golf. The putter must be designed to give the golfer every technical advantage including smooth stroke, good glide, sweet impact, and bounce-less topspin ball launch as well as every technique advantage including perfect fit as to shaft angle and length.

And putters are generally used from very close distances to the cup, generally on the putting green, though certain courses have fringes and roughs near the green which are also suitable for putting. While no Callaway X2 Hot Driver in a player's bag is absolutely indispensable nor required to be carried by strict rules, the putter comes closest. 
During putting, distance is what every golf player want to achieve. Because long and straight distance can always bring good golf shot and then good golf putting. Some players may think that it is enough if you can put the ball into the hole. This is wrong. You should firstly achieve good distance, then good golf putting. So, how to do it?
Firstly, develop a preshot routine that includes 2 or 3 practice swings that closely approximate the amount of effort you feel is necessary. Next, position the putter so the sweet spot is directly behind the ball. Now, hit the putt and observe the distance. Do not be upset or irritated if the ball did not go the proper distance. Simply observe and accumulate data. Understand it is always a matter of more or less effort and your ability to hit the sweet spot. 
In addition, each golf player has his own sweet spot. When doing the putting, you can find your sweet sopt on your taylormade burner 2.0 irons firstly. You can hold the shaft of your putter between your thumb and forefinger. Gently tap on the face of the putter until the face rebounds straight back. This is the sweet spot. If the putter face torques or wobbles at all when you tap it, the same thing will happen when you hit the ball on that spot.
Finally, pay attention to the cheap golf clubs you use for golf. To golf putting, you must own a good putter, and might be a proper putter which can fit you best. Then you can use your best putter together with the tips above to practice next time for putting. Remember that there is no distance, there is no good putting.

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