In Trouble off the tee? Don't Make Matters Worse

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As golf fans, we're accustomed to see professionals pull off "miracle shots" from almost impossible lies. And when you're faced with a shot that's going to take all your talent -- and a lot of luck -- to pull off, you need to consider the risks versus the rewards.


There's a time to take a chance, and a time to play it safe with ping g25 driver. Both golfers could have opted for a low-percentage go-for-the-green shot. Instead, they both decided to "take their medicine" and put the ball back into the fairway. In both cases, Watney and Villegas limited the damage by laying up.


Faced with a similar situation, make sure you weigh the risks and the rewards. If your ball is in deep rough and sitting down, what are the odds that you can advance the ball all the way to the green without getting yourself in more serious trouble? You’ve already made one mistake and hit it in the rough with ping g25 irons. Don’t compound it by not getting yourself back into position.


Sometimes the smart play is the safest play, Parker said. And that may be working to get your ball back into the fairway and limiting the damage. So how do you go about that, especially in heavy rough?


"Hitting from thick rough can be very tricky," Parker said. "The most common fault I see with most amateurs is that they try and hit too much club. If the ball is sitting down, conditions require more loft to get the ball out. I recommend that the player choke down on the ping g30 driver a bit and hit the shot with the intent of getting the ball back into play."


Pulling off a miracle shot makes for a great story in the clubhouse after the round. But playing it smart -- and knowing the risks and rewards involved -- will make for a better-looking scorecard over the long haul.

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