Senior Golfers Should Choose Proper Drivers

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Golf clubs really means a lot to golf players, just like pens mean to writers, weapons mean to soliders, teeth polisher to dentist. Without these things, they all cannot finish their job well. So, it is very important to get your own golf clubs in golf. What’s more, you should get the the best and most proper ones. 

Nowadays, qantities of new golf clubs come out and flow into golf market. This is really a good news for young players, if only they like golf and want to pursue fasion and imporve their game. However, this seems not so good to senior golfers. Senior golf players always find it hard to get the proper clubs, especially those who over 50 years old.
I do understand that. My grandpa always have that kind of trouble, he usually use what we do not like to use or used ones, even though somtimes he feels quite good. Here are several quite good golf dirvers which would meet senior golfers’ demand well. If you are a senior and reading this article, please do not miss.
The first one I want to recommend is TaylorMade SLDR Driver. Not only was the Taylormade driver the best driver for raw distance, but was also very impressive in the category of shot control and forgiveness. Overall, this may be the best (legal)golf driver that has ever been created. Many senior players would prefer it’s long distance design because of less power for much distance.
Secondly, the new Callaway X2 Hot driver is a top notch driver if you are looking for added distance with a swing speed slower than 100mph. It does not get the same attention as the companies flashier, more expensive models. But the results speak for themselves. If you have a slower swing speed, the X2 Hot would be your best choice and beats the other Callaway models.
The last driver I want to recommend is Ping G25 Driver. Some of you would doubt, why it is not the new Ping G30 Driver. In my opinion, G30 would fit young players better. Compared to the Taylomade SLDR, the Ping driver comes off of the face with slightly more speed and more spin. More spin means a higher ball flight so you do not have to increase the loft to get the same ball flight.
Actually, I have just gave my G25 driver to my grandpa, he hits it very well and always remind me of this big favor. He is happy and enjoying his game well, this is what we family want to see. Golf really bring us too much, I love it.


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