Is Your Set Arranged for Your Best Scoring?

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I know you all spend lots of time looking at, trying and buying various drivers, fairways, hybrids, irons, wedges, putters, balls, shoes, training aids, and the other accessories to the game.  But have you really spent a lot of time analyzing exactly and specifically what cheap golf clubs will serve you best in the task?


When I look in all golfers’ bags, from tour pros to recreational 100+ shooters, I don’t see a rational approach to the set make-up they carry. At one end of your set you have a Scotty Cameron Newport 2.  It is used pretty much only to roll the ball across the green, hopefully into or close to the hole.  On the other end of your set you have a ping g30 driver price.  It is used to set up the par-five holes and most of the par fours.  If you can hit it “out there” a bit, and keep it in play, it helps make the rest of the hole play much easier.


Then you have the other dozen clubs in between.  They can be divided into three distinct groups:

1.    Distance clubs.  Those with less than 20-22 degrees of loft.  It includes fairways, hybrids and irons typically numbered with a “4” or less.

2.   Mid-range clubs.  Those with more loft than the distance clubs, and up to about 40 degrees.  That range in modern sets includes the 4 or 5 iron to the ping g25 irons australia, but might even include the 9-iron in what is now being called “super game improvement” models.

3.   Scoring clubs.  Those clubs with over 40 degrees of loft, which are used to aggressively go after flags to set up birdies and pars.


Regardless of your skill level, whether your goal is to break par, 80, 90 or 100, there really is one key principle to my logic of how your set of clubs should be configured: The closer you are to the flag, the more precise your expectation should be. The more precise your execution must be. So therefore, the more clubs you must have.

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