Do Not Garble the Word Equipment for Club

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Many people would confuse equipment for golf club. Most people would regard equipment just as golf clubs. In the past, I am also one of them, but now, I know it. I used to regard equipment as club untill I know the details several months ago. A story happened and made me clear about the difference between them.

One day, I was asked to take my golf equipment for a golf lession in a golf pro-school. Then I really took the “equipment” to outdoor class room. However, when I arrive there, I found that my equipment is qiute different from others. My equipment was only golf club (with a bag), others brought also golf ball and some other things which need to use during the game.
Golf equipment is undoubtedly the area of the game that has developed most rapidly in recent times. Everything from clubs to balls, and from shoes to waterproof clothing, has been revolutionised in terms of technology and design.
As a matter of fact, golf equipment is not only cheap golf clubs, it means a lot. Golf equipment contains golf driver, woods, irons, wedges, hybrids, putters and also golf balls. As we all know, the ball has a dimpled surface to reduce aerodynamic drag and can be made from a variety of materials designed to make the ball fly further, or to generate more spin.
Driver is designed to send the ball as far away as possible, almost exclusively used from the teeing-ground. The ping g30 driver is usually the longest club in the bag and has fewer degrees of loft than any other club. Among all the clubs, including the xxio 8 irons australia, driver has the biggest clubhead and also own the fastest distance, which is unlike the woods.
The other club I want to talk is the rescue titleist 913h hybrid, it is a relatively new addition to the golf world that has made its way into the bags of many top pros. They are easier to strike from the rough than a long iron and, generally, strike the ball further. By the way, this club is not very widely used in golf, but some players are still keen on it.
Finally, I want to specify the club-putter. It is the necesary golf club which must be in your golf bag. Because the Scotty Cameron Newport 2 Putter 2014 will be used in your final game to get the ball into the hole so that your game can be finished in real meanning.

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