Quick Introduction to the Rules of Golf

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These Golf Rules at a Glance are designed to give beginners to the game a quicker look at key elements of the rules. These Golf Rules at a Glance are a sort of introduction to, or a gateway to, the full Rules of Golf.  Now, on to your quick guide to the rules:


Rule 1: The Game

The holes on the course must be played in order (1 through 9, or 1 through 18) unless the committee says otherwise.You must always play by the Rules with your burner 2.0 irons taylormade. You are not allowed to change or ignore them.


Rule 2: Match Play

In match play, each hole is a separate contest. If you win the first hole, you are "one-up"; if you lose it, you are "one-down"; if you halve it, you are "all-square." You have won the match when you are more holes up than there are left to play. For example, if you are three-up and there are only two holes left to play, you have won “three and two”. Anyone you are playing against is your "opponent."


Rule 3: Stroke Play

In stroke play, the competitor with the lowest total score for the round is the winner. You must play your ball into the hole with taylormade rocketbladez irons before starting the next hole. Anyone you are playing with is a “fellow-competitor”. It is not possible to play match play and stroke play at the same time.


Rule 4: Clubs and the Ball

You may carry no more than fourteen clubs. You may not change balls during the play of a hole unless a Rule allows it. However, if you damage your ball or it goes out of shape, you may change the ball after first consulting your opponent or fellow competitor.

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