How to Proceed with the Right Grip?

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When you see this title, you would be confused with the question. You may say “ This is quite an easy thing, you can just grap the club and then hit the ball out.” No, I never mean a simple and mechanical action of graping the grip. In golf, there is no anything very easy for you to learn. If you want to do a good swing, then you should get a proper grip of the club at first.

As we all know, the Golf Grip is one of the most important fundamentals of the golf swing. With the proper golf grip the club head will be returned square to the ball and consequently the target line. With the wrong golf grip, the head of the taylormade burner 2.0 irons turns and you must compensate for this in your golf swing.
So, how to grip the club correctly? Firstly, when you have gripped the golf club, hold the club parallel to the ground and make sure the club head is vertical. Remember, you do not want to grip the titleist 913h hybrid to hard. Imagine a scale between 0 and 10 for grip pressure and then grip it at 5, not more.
With the back of the hand facing the target line, make the golf club grip runs along the top of the fingers and is not too high or too low in your fingers. Check the video to see the right line again. Finally, you need to rest your right thumb on top of your left thumb and gently wrap your fingers around the Callaway X2 Hot Driver grip.
The whole process seems not so difficult as I stated in first paragraph. But if you pay attention to the grip, you will find the difference between bad and good. Or, we can say a proper grip. Nex time, before purchase, you’e better ask for the grip and to see if it is your right grip. 

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