Game Improvement Ping G30 Irons with Great Look and Feel

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I recall my first experience with Ping irons. They were rental clubs that I used quite a few years ago when I made a trip home and did not bring my clubs. I remember that they played pretty well, but there was a distinct lack of feel in them. I expected a similar look and feel from the Ping G30 irons but was pleasantly surprised when I saw them.


The G30 irons are just nice looking clubs all over. The have a sleek modern design that is pleasing to the eyes. Previous Ping G25 irons had a highly noticeable line where the shaft meets the hosel. In the G30s, there is a curve there which makes it stand out much less. There is also a ¼” groove in the bottom of hosel close to the heel of the club. I’m not sure is there is a technical reason for this if or if it simply for aesthetics.


As a 15 handicap, I need a fair amount of forgiveness. I make decent contact most of the time, but I find that less than decent contact will really hurt me with my current Callaway apex pro irons. An off center strike will cause a stinging vibration in my hands and the ball flight can go anywhere. They have a nice feel on shots from the center of the clubface, but that doesn’t happen nearly as often as I like.


I have also tried Taylormade SLDR irons price which have even higher launch. As a matter of fact, the launch was so high that it seemed uncomfortable. Strengthening the loft was a great call by Ping. As I get older and my swing is slowing down, the additional length and height of shots is beneficial.


At last, I do not have much in the way of negative feedback on the G30 irons. If anything, I could hit a low draw to get out of trouble with my Mizuno irons and have some difficulty working the ball with the G30 irons.

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