Vokey designs new Gold Nickel wedges from Titleist

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The latest Vokey wedges from Titleist are the Spin Milled 5 (a k a, SM5). The titleist sm5 wedges offer improved grooves, tour-preferred shapes, and many different bounce and grind options. The SM5s are available in lofts of 46 to 62 degrees, in two-degree increments. Vokey says these wedges come with a more compact and balanced profile and three new finish options: Tour Chrome, Gold Nickel and Raw Black.


According to Vokey, each groove is milled to the tightest possible tolerance and individually cut to the maximum dimensions allowed by the Rules of Golf, and then 100 percent inspected. In addition, a localized high-frequency face treatment provides increased groove durability for longer spin retention over the life of the wedge.


The titleist vokey wedges use Vokey's Spin Milled TX3 grooves. This better channels away sand and debris, Vokey says, as well as increasing backspin and, from the rough, decreasing flyers. Wedges in the 56- to 62-degree loft range have grooves the same width as the previous model, but deeper and with greater volume.


In addition to the grooves, the clubface surfaces on the Spin Milled 5 wedges are milled with "micro edges" to add texture between the grooves. According to Vokey, the increase in spin in the titleist wedges compared to SM4 is an average of 500rpm in the lower-lofted wedges and 400rpm in the higher-lofted wedges.


The Vokey Spin Milled 5 wedges come in lofts ranging from 46 to 62 degrees, and there are six different sole grinds and various bounce angles available at different lofts. There are 21 different loft/bounce/grind options in all. Vokey recommends getting these clubs through a Titleist fitter in order to ensure the wedges you select fit your swing type.


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