Callaway 2014 most forgiving Big Bertha Alpha Driver review

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Callaway is claiming that the Alpha represents the most technologically advanced driver. Callaway Big Bertha Alpha Driver is the first driver to enable independent adjustments of four significant performance characteristics, optimizing trajectory, control and distance for individual golfers.


The Callaway Big Bertha Driver represents the most advanced engineering Callaway has ever commercialized in a driver, and the Company’s most flexible and comprehensive fitting platform ever. The goal of driver design at Callaway is to individualize performance optimization for every golfer, giving them the best chance to optimize driving distance.


Many will ask why that it is important and the answer may be somewhat complicated for many casual golfers. Still, it’s something that can be explained with a little effort. In a general sense, loft has always been intrinsically tied to backspin. With a driver, too little or too much backspin can affect how far you hit the ball.


The easiest way to see how loft and spin work together is to think about it in the broadest and most general way possible – your driver versus your callaway apex pro irons. The driver has around 10° of loft and the 9 iron has around 40-42°. The driver should produce spin rates in the 2,000’s and the 9 iron may go all the way up into the 8,000’s. Again, this is much generalized, but it shows the correlation.


I'd love to say that I didn't need to change these weights because I consistently hit a tight-draw, but that is not the case. I have a "two-way miss" meaning I have the potential to miss on both sides of the fairway. For that reason, it made sense to keep the weights in their original position, so as not to overly-favour one side.


With driver fitting, the key is often to find that sweet spot where launch and spin combine to produce the longest carrying ball that still lands at the right angle to provide the maximum possible rollout for each individual swing.

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