Prepare Your Golf Playing for This Winter

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A good golf player cannot only play golf well on greens in normal condition, but also can paly good golf under not so good condition for example the bad weather. Actually, golf is a outside ball sport which can easily be affected by many factores. And among them, weather is one of the most vexing factor. Golf players usually cannot control the whole golf under bad weather, such as windy, rainy or snowing days.

If you have ever experienced a game under bad weather, you may know that it is really an unforgetable experience. With wet, muddy ground underfoot, dragging a trolley can be a real pain so if you don’t have one, consider investing in a lightweight carry bag – but make sure it has a built-in stand as you don’t want to be laying it down in a quagmire.
Winter golf can help your putting because whether you’re on temporary greens or the real thing, the wet, slow putting surface, and longer grass, means that you have to be more emphatic with your stroke to get the ball to the hole.
As an experiment, the next time you play set yourself the goal of making sure that every putt you don’t hole goes past the titleist 913h hybrid. You won’t achieve it (and may be surprised at how often you come up short) but you will be more positive.
In a similar vein, try and get into the habit of taking at least one more taylormade r1 driver than you think you need for your approach shots. Cold golf balls do not travel as far, and damp, cold air also reduces the distance you can hit.
Actually, sometimes, you need to make some changes and challenge new environment to train your ability to adapt so that to improve your game. We doubt you will go through the green too often (and even if you do, most hazards are at the front or sides of the green, so chances are you’ll still have an easier recovery shot).
Finally, you also need to do something on your taylormade burner 2.0 irons. If under tough days, you’d better choose some more lofted clubs like the new xxio 8 irons from the tee. And you should also choose a driver which can bring you long distance and which can endure the obstruction in special conditions.

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