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As we all know, the clubspeed is very important during golf swing. No speed, no distance, no power, then no good golf swing. If you cannot get enough speed on the clubhead of your clubs, you will find it hard to proceed with swing even if you spent lots of power on hitting the ball out. However, clubhead speed cannot be achieved just by saying. You must do something to create it.

The normal approach to correcting “swing faults” is through instruction from a qualified teaching professional and follow up practice. This is the correct approach in the development of the golf swing, but one must also understand the role their body plays in the game of golf. The amateur often times is unaware the role in which their body plays upon the execution of the golf swing.
For example, if you cannot get enough clubhead speed, no matter what clubs you use, you will failed in good shots. Even if you play with an excellent Ping G25 Driver, you will not get a good golf swing due to lack of clubhead speed. If a golfer is lacking in any one of these physical parameters required of the golf swing. Compensations will occur within it. Not from the actual biomechanics of the swing, but rather from the body.
In fact, the key to get much clubhead speed on your titleist 913h hybrid is to do exercises. Bottom line, the golf swing requires certain levels of flexibility, balance, strength, endurance, and power to execute correctly. If the amateur desires to improve their golf game some attention must be focused upon developing these parameters within the body.
In other words, you need to do as much fitness training as you can to creat clubhead speed. Plus, you also need to insist on golf practicing. The fitness training is for your body while the practice is for your cheap golf clubs and skill. If you can combine the 2 trainings together well, then you will be easier to achieve speed on the clubheads.
To me, I am now trying our best to get more speed on the clubheads of my taylormade burner 2.0 irons. They really fit me well, but I just want to get more speed to do swing better. Usually, I get up early for fitness training, then go for golf practice at nightfall before dinner. Maybe you can take it to your consideration.

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