Driving the ball easier with Ping G25 Driver

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New for 2013 in the G25 driver Ping is a shift in color to match the other drivers. I think this is the best looking color for any driver on the market.  It looks so good at address. 


The sole is also all black with just a big Ping and G25 on the bottom so from top to bottom this is a great looking stick. The addition of the adjustable hosel is also new for 2013. So get fit and find what combo works best for you, you might even be able to find one of the shafts from the ping g30 driver will work well in this head too.


The ping g25 driver australia inspires confidence just looking at it. That big matte black head sets up very nicely behind the ball, it has a tall enough face to feel like you can find the center and has ample width so even the inconsistencies of winter aren't going to be to penal. On the first tee, there were both jitters and confidence, so I swung away and hit a towering bomb into the middle of the first fairway. It felt so good.


Ping has really dialed in their sound and feel. The G25 moves closer to the i20 in terms of sound and feel. In my opinion the i20 might still be the best sounding and feeling driver any company has made, but the G25 is very close, just slightly hollower. It is a low pitched metallic sound at impact that sends the ball screaming out into the fairway.


Ping has another winner with the G25. I'm just happy to have an easy to bomb driver in my arsenal. Go find your nearest Ping retailer and get fit.

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