Classic TaylorMade SLDR White with great playability

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There are many TaylorMade Drivers to decide on from, each with various traits. Some have been designed for the pros but other folks offer you high degrees of forgiveness for the novice and near novice player as nicely. TaylorMade SLDR White is identical to the original dark-headed edition in every way.


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The SLDR allows for six millimeters of movement – that's 50 percent more than on the Taylormade R1 driver – promoting a shot-dispersion range of up to 30 yards. It also includes the low and forward Center of Gravity that promotes low spin and faster ball speeds, as well as TaylorMade's Loft-sleeve Technology, which permits the loft to be easily adjusted. Golfers can choose from 12 positions within a range of plus-or-minus 1.5 degrees of loft change.


Women's taylormade sldr driver is created particularly for the females to carry their laptop in. They are a lot more stylish and feminine than typical laptop tote bags and also sturdy. They come in a plethora of types, fabrics and graphic prints.

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