Distance Is Never a Problem for Senior Golfers

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In golf, distance is one of the most important thing for all golfers if you want to play a better game. And long distance is always what you want to own, which is not a problem for young golfers only if you practice. But for senior golfers, things are always much more difficult due to many factors. Age is the biggest problem. However, distance is not everything. Seniors can also achieve distance.

Firstly, if your foot is facing forward, then your hip is in the neutral position. During your backswing when your body is turning, you need to have good hip flexibility to keep the hip in this neutral position. If, due to stiffness or pain, you are unable to keep the hip neutral, your body will typically compensate by swaying to the right. Swaying in the backswing is when your body weight moves to the outside of your right foot instead of staying on the inside. This will relieve the responsibilities of your hip but is very bad for your golf game.
Secondly, keep in mind that if you want to make things smooth, you must firstly sharp your tools. So, the cheap golf clubs you use are also very essential to achieve distance, especially the grips. If you are stiff and need more power, you can improve your power by strengthening your grip which will help you draw the ball a little more. Strengthening your grip of the Callaway X2 Hot Driver is easy to do, but sometimes tough to get used to.
Finally, besides the ping g25 irons and your body, the golf ball is also very important in getting more distance. When you setup with the ball slightly back from your normal setup position, you have a greater chance of hitting a draw. If you are a golfer over 50, you may already be struggle with low ball flight. When the ground is softer, you will probably gain more distance with a higher golf shot in titleist 913h hybrid that carries in the air a little bit longer.
In a word, no matter old or young, if you love golf, then just stick to it. Practice is the first and most important thing you need to do everyday. Never give up during golf. Just regard golf as your part of life. Playing golf well can not only help you enjoy the game well but also enjoy your whole life.

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