Callaway Big Bertha Alpha Driver Vs Callaway X2 Hot Driver

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People always like to compare one thing to another thing. Golf, as one of the most popular ball sport for so many years is always playing an important role in people’s life. You can see now, almot each field would use the advantage of golf. People now can conclude a business easier by playing a round of golf. Golf clubs are what people would like to use for comparison for most.

When it comes to golf clubs, I have just purchased 2 drivers online and want to let you know what I feel about the 2 drivers. They are both very excellent, but still with much difference. I boughted the Callaway X2 Hot Driver about 2 months earlier than the new Callaway Big Bertha Alpha Driver. I usually like to use Callaway cheap golf clubs australia for my game. 
If for forgiveness, Callaway X2 Hot Driver is surely much more better than the Big Bertha Alpha. These “Forgiveness-First” drivers are plenty long, but they also have extremely high levels of forgiveness to maintain ball speed on off-center hits. Their increased forgiveness also limits gear effect, or the rotation of the club head on mishits. That helps spin rates remain more consistent on shots that miss the sweet spot, limiting hook and slice spin.
The HyperSpeed face of the X2 Hot is 10 percent larger than its predecessor, leading to more consistent ball speeds across the face. It’s also Callaway’s lightest driver, with a 46-inch stock shaft and a head weight of 194 grams. That gives slower swing speed players the potential for more callaway x hot driver head speed.
Gravity Core is the most intriguing feature of Callaway Big Bertha Alpha driver. It is a weighted stick that can be inserted into the center of the driver head in two different orientations. Inserting the Gravity Core with its heavy side down will lower spin, while inserting it with its light side down with raise spin. 
The Big Bertha Alpha also has two moveable weights of 7 grams and 1 gram that can be switched between the driver’s heel and toe weight ports to create more draw or fade bias. These adjustability features were fueled by the driver’s Forged Composite crown, a lightweight construction that gave engineers more discretionary weight in the head.
In a word, if you ask me which one is better, I would choose the X2 hot driver. Because I pay attention to the forgiveness of all my clubs. The X2 hot driver really fit me well, though I have used it for several month. Each time I play with it, I feel confident and enjoyable.

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