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Unveiled in December 2013, though not the new clubs in 2014, the Callaway Apex Irons are also still very impressive to a large amount of golf players especially callaway golf fans. For me, I have ever played with these irons and felt excellently even though I am not a Callaway fan. The Apex irons were released within the expectation of all golfers.

The Apex Irons give X Hot distance engineered into a forged club head. An ultra-thin face insert set into a forged carbon steel head increases feel and distance, and tungsten sole inserts in the longer irons maximise playability and performance
Callaway Apex Irons feature a new high performance wide spaced groove that delivers more consistent spin from a variety of lies, promoting accurate distance control into and around the greens, whether you are playing from a tight lie or out of the rough.
Thin 455 Carpenter Steel face insert generates an additional 1-2mph in ball speed at impact, meaning hotter performance on all shots, and greater distance with the same swing speed. The ultra-soft 1020 Forged carbon steel body of the Callaway Apex Irons delivers a responsive feel to all shots, giving golfers the right level of feedback and allowing for precise distance control.
Featuring in the 3- through to 5-iron, strategically placed tungsten inserts in the sole of each longer iron lowers the centre of gravity, increases forgiveness and helps golfers get the ball in the air easier and quicker. It is quite different from the callaway x hot irons when x hot released the new Callaway X2 Hot Driver.
Also, the new True Temper XP95 lightweight steel shaft delivers a high launch characteristic with a controlled ball flight. With True Temper's proprietary Variable Wall Technology, the company's engineers are able to vary the wall thickness throughout the shaft for enhanced performance. The wall is thinner towards the butt section of the shaft for improved feel and then thickens towards the tip of the shaft for better control and accuracy.
Moreover, I found that some players like to compare the apex with TaylorMade Burner 2.0 Irons. If for forgiveness, I would surely choose burner 2.0, But they are 2 different brands cheap golf clubs. Each one has its own special features. Overally speaking, I would still choose the Apex irons.

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