Speed Always Come from Short Shot Practice

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Have you ever felt frustrated when failed in a game due to lack of speed? Yes, I think most golfers must have had this bad experience before. This is normal during golf, especailly on swing and putting. But this is not necessary, which can be avoided and figured out. As we all know, speed is very important to your game. If one does not have fast speed, then he or he would surely have no good shot and cannot get long distance.

Today, I want to talk about the way to get more speed on golf puttings, which you can not get by a set of xxio 8 irons. And speed is critical and here are a few ways to improve your short putting with better speed. Practice mssing erves a great purpose. Put a tee in the ground 18 inches past the hole. Setup slightly left or right of the hole to miss on purpose. From here practice rolling putts to the tee behind the hole. Spend a few minutes getting the hang of rolling the ball the correct speed.
Next try making a few putts using this same speed. You will see a more consistent roll into the hole. The ball should not just fall over the edge of the hole and it should not hit the back of the hole and pop up. It should dive into the middle of the hole. When you are doing golf putting with scotty cameron putters, you will try with them in same speed to hit more times.
Using the same concept of putting to a tee in ground 18 inches behind the hole and planning to miss, close your eyes and roll a few putts. The goal is to get ball to stop at the tee behind the hole just as before. Closing your eyes makes your subconscious take over. fter a few minutes of practice it will be easy to hit your mark without seeing it. Then practice rolling a few 3 foot putts into the hole with your eyes closed. This subconscious repetition will make it easier to produce consistent speed on the golf course using a taylormade r1 driver.
A putt hit too firmly will not break as anticipated and is prone to lip outs. A putt hit too soft may break too much, come up short or wiggle off line due to imperfections in the green. ptimal speed is needed, which on a 3 foot putt is 18 inches past the hole. If you miss a 3 foot putt it should stop 18 inches past the hole. This speed gives you the best chance for consistent makes.
No matter what cheap golf clubs australia you use, be careful on your practice on short games. Next time, you can have a try of the drills above on practicing your speed. Remember that short putts can always bring speed in clubhead and also long distance.

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