Senior Golfers Can Also Play Long Shot

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If you still think long distance or powerful swing is the sign only for young golfers, then you are wrong. Senior golfers may play golf not so flexible as young people, but they are still hale and hearty to play golf well enough. Senior or elderly golf players never have less enthusiasm or interest in golf than young men. They just need some right ways to train golf so that they can get long distance.

Distance affects so much of the game. Shorter drives lead to longer approach shots, longer approach shots lead to fewer greens hit, which leads to higher scores and a lot less fun. Sometimes, golfers needs to adjust their mechanics to make up for what has been lost with age. So we put together these quick and simple tips so you can squeeze more power out of your game, hit more greens in regulation, lower your scores and be able to puff your chest out a little more.
Here are some easy but very useful ways for senior golfers to achieve more distance. During your backswing when your body is turning, you need to have good hip flexibility to keep the hip in this neutral position. waying in the backswing is when your body weight moves to the outside of your right foot instead of staying on the inside. This will relieve the responsibilities of your hip but is very bad for your golf game.
By turning the right foot out, you will have much more lower body rotation away from the ball in your backswing. he more you can separate your lower body turn from your upper body turn, the more power you can generate via your Callaway X2 Hot Driver. owever, if you do not have the flexibility in your hips to build up torque in your body, then you will end up with lost power.
In addition, good grips can also help you achieve long distance. If you are stiff and need more power, you can improve your power by strengthening your grip which will help you draw the ball a little more. You’d better choose stiffer grip if you can make good use of it. A good grip is important as good and cheap golf clubs australia, which can help you improve your game.
Finally, you should also pay attention to the ball. Many players would easily ignore the golf ball while paying much attention to their ping g25 irons and posture. Believe it or not, when you setup with the ball slightly back from your normal setup position, you have a greater chance of hitting a draw. So, you can have a try next time.

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