New Big Bertha Alpha Driver is unbelievably accurate

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The Big Bertha brand name is synonymous with innovation, technology and performance leadership. Callaway Golf Company announced a new driver for the 2014 season, Callaway Big Bertha Alpha Driver Australia. It is the first driver to enable independent adjustments of four significant performance characteristics to promote distance: loft, lie, Center of Gravity (draw) bias, and - most innovatively - Center of Gravity height.


For the first time ever, the Gravity Core lets you adjust unwanted spin independently of launch angle, so you get completely optimized ball flights and longer distance. You want an extreme low spin driver? You can have it. Or a more total performance, mid-low spin driver? Yep, absolutely. It’s not magic; it’s the Gravity Core in action.

Big Bertha Alpha has a new Tour shaft offering from Mitsubishi, who makes some of the most trusted shafts on Tour. It’s called the Fubuki ZT Shaft, and it’s designed to increase energy transfer, resulting in more ball speed while delivering a mid launch with low spin, an ideal shot shape for long, penetrating distance.


I hit Callaway X2 Hot and callaway apex pro irons in the Callaway range with every shaft option in the fitting cart I could lay my hands on. Now this was over a few days on the range and the course, also in competition and social play. You have to read these results if you want to improve your game or you will be left behind in the dust.


So Big Bertha Alpha driver was the next piece of heaven I got my hands on. I was very happy but I used to get a bit of side spin on occasion if I didn't get in a near perfect swing. Everyone needs to try out these drivers if you want to be the best you can be or get left behind the pack. Just make sure one of the Callaway guys fits you with the correct shaft so your as happy as I am and it will be missles coming to your home course.

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