Remember the Basic Rules When Choosing the Golf Clubs

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Do you have the feel that you still find it is a trouble to buy the right golf clubs even if you have played golf for many years? Generally speaking, beginners should have more problems in deciding which clubs to buy than senior golfers, but this is not all. Even senior golfers can have all kinds of problems when buying their favorite golf clubs. Actually, for beginners, they just need a set of golf clubs for beginners no matter what brand to start their game, that’s enough. But for senior golfers, things would be much more compliacted. Because they have mre choices and wide range of clubs in brain.

Despite what the ads say, you are not Tiger Woods. What you are is either a beginner, an intermediate player or an advanced player. Each level of player needs something different. The trouble is, like everything in golf, buying equipment isn't as easy as window shopping. It's a world of precision, and all that precision is designed to help you enjoy the game. Still, it can be confusing, whether you're buying for yourself or someone else.
For example, some golfers would find it difficult to make a decision between 2 clubs at the same prices with different designs or functions. Some players would hesitate on which to buy between the new Callaway X2 Hot Driver and Ping G25 Driver. When the 2 clubs are of very samilar specs but of different prices, players would find it much more easier, because cheap cheap golf clubs are really attractive.
A set of three woods and eight irons has been the standard configuration. Not anymore. Assuming you are past the beginning stage of the game, get yourself custom-fit for irons. The fitting procedure may tell you things about your game you didn't know. Like maybe you're playing the wrong shaft. Most average golfers swing clubs with shafts too stiff, and they are continually fighting the club, trying to produce that one shot out of 20 in which everything comes together. 
Usually, the player will not lose anything by playing the best, most expensive tour balls on the market. But the average player likely won't notice any difference in performance using the less expensive models, either. If someone is buying the balls for you, go for the gold standard. If you're buying them yourself, be thrifty. Remember: Most balls today are better than the golfers who choose to use them.
Therefore, you need to take many things into consideration before make a decision on which to buy. But once if you have your own habit or buying rules, everything would become easier and faster.

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