Putting - The Right Pressure is a Light Pressure

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Do you sometimes feel you have a “death grip” on your Scotty Cameron Newport 2 Putter 2014 during your stroke?  Do you sometimes decelerate during your stroke or feel you hit or ‘pop’ the putt instead of making a smooth pendulum stroke?  One culprit may be your grip pressure as your hands are your only connection to your putter and too much pressure in the hands will affect your putter’s motion during your stroke.


The first and most important key to successful putting is the belief that you…“Are a great putter.”  Believe that you can make putts and you will make putts.


Another important part of your formula for successful putting is to keep your hand pressure light on the club so you can feel the weight of your putter head instead of the handle of your ping g25 irons for sale.  Your hand pressure should remain the same throughout your stroke.

As you are swinging your putter back and forth, notice if you feel the handle of your putter or the weight of your putter head. If you feel the handle, you have too much grip pressure in your hands. Continue to lighten your grip pressure until you feel the weight of the putter head and not the handle of the putter.


Continue swinging your putter back and forth while feeling the weight of your putter head.  Now close your eyes and continue to feel the weight of your putter head. 


With your eyes closed, tighten your grip pressure and notice what happens to your swinging motion and your titleist wedges. Did you feel your stroke slow down or stop? Did your smooth, pendulum motion change? Did you feel the handle more than the weight of your putter head?  Did you feel your fingers squeezing your putter handle?


Continue to swing your putter back and forth as you gradually loosen your grip pressure so you again feel the weight of the putter head.  Notice the changes in your swinging motion, tempo and body as tighten and loosen your grip pressure during this practice drill.

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