Some Easy Ways to Accelerate Your Game

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As we all know, there are many golf rules which all golfers need to comply with. These rules are not for the purpose to forbid you do some things, they are applied to constraint your behavior in golf and make it smooth and better. So, you need to read and know the rules before playing golf. And among all these rules, to speed up the game seems a big problem for many people especially golf beginners. We’re familiar with the delays, the disruption of concentration and rhythm, and the sensation of frustration and hopelessness. 

So, how to accelerate your round when playing golf with other partners? Far too often, golfers tee off from the back tees, when they should actually use middle or even forward tees. By swallowing your pride and teeing off from a more comfortable set of tees, you will likely hit more greens in regulation, lower your scores, and, perhaps best of all, increase your pace of play. 
You should keep ready to play golf at any time. As you approach your ball, think about which club you will use ahead of time, taking wind, yardage, and elevation into consideration, so that you are set to hit as soon as you arrive at your ball. If you don’t have one, consider buying an electronic rangefinder as well, if you don’t feel like pacing off your yardage. 
Also, remember to put on your glove, verify your yardage, and take your Callaway X2 Hot Driver out of your bag while your playing partners are hitting their shots – quietly and considerately, of course. Also, strive to take just one practice swing. Check the direction of your stance, trust your instinct, and hit the ball. Your playing partners would be grateful if you do that.
In addition, to save time, don’t forget to also place your bag or cart as close to the next tee as possible, so that you can leave the green as soon as you and your playing partners have finished putting. Never, ever fill out your scorecard on the green if your group has finished putting. Out of consideration for the groups behind you, just wait until you walk to the next tee. 
Then be careful when you hit the ball out with your taylormade burner 2.0 irons. You must hit the cheap golf clubs australia within safe range of the golf course. Nobody wants to see injuries in golf. And finally, just play as fast as you can. Confident players would have no problem in this stage.

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