Is Your Driver Going too Quick or Fast? Any Difference?

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Have you ever been suffered bad golf playing due to quick swing? Golf swing as one of the most important but difficult part of golf, which really make difficulty to every body who want to play golf. To play golf well, you should firstly have good golf swing skill. This is not what everyone can accomplish, but you still can do your best. There is a misuderstanding in quick golf, some people may prefer quick golf swing to save time and show ability to others. This is really not soemthing sensible.

Actually, quick means not fast. Maybe you can do a quick swing, but it cannot be fast in equal. Usually, we say fast mean the ball goes fast to hit long distance. But if too quick, it can only show that you did not prepare eough and hit the ball out with less thinking. Interestingly, if the average PGA Tour player was swinging at 80% of their max, then their maximum speed should be a whopping 141.25 mph. This simply isn't the case. 
Most golfers feel they are swinging at an effort level that is significantly less their maximum, but the reality is they are swinging at an effort only marginally less then their maximum. To illustrate, all other things being equal, a golfer with a maximum distance of 250 yards will only hit it 200 yards with an 80% swing. The fact is that no one wants to hit it 50 yards less?
Because players tend to think they are so far under their max swing speed on taylormade burner 2.0 irons, when the ball starts going a little crooked, it's very common to hear them say “My swing was too fast - I need to slow it way down”.  Another question comes-you want to hit it way shorter? Don't think of it as slowing the swing down. Rather, think of it as smoothing the titleist 915f fairway wood out in fairway. This difference in thought process is subtle but crucial.
You should never swing the ping g25 driver at your full effort. Proper effort on proper and cheap golf clubs would be a better choice. It can actually lead to an increase in swing speed. Additionally, the ball strike tends to be more centered which definitely leads to more ball speed and longer distance.
Believe it or not, a golf swing is never too fast but it can be too quick. Quickness never stand for speed, however, it would lead to a poor sequence and then a loss of speed. So next time you think you’re swing is getting too fast, tell yourself it’s too quick and concentrate on just smoothing out your swing. 

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