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Recently, a new wave of boom about titleist comes again after previous ping, taylormade and other golf brands. If you have ever left an eye on all the news, you must know that Titleist has just introduced its new 915 series cheap golf clubs australia. With a continuation of the previous style 913, the new 915 still comes with d2 and d3 driver, f fairway wood and fd fairway wood and also 915 hybrids. However, the new 915 have much more new features and advantages than old 913. Firstly, you can find the difference from the clubface. Don’t you feel the new 915 is much cooler than 913? 

Today, I want to focus on the new 915 F fairway woods which are available in #3 and #5 on lowpriceaugolf.com. In the 915F fairways, the ARC is placed more forward. This reduces spin and deliveres increased distance. Titleist’s 915 fairways and hybrids employ an ultra-thin, high-strength face that is less than 2.1mm thick, helping to boost ball speeds.
Also, the Titleist 915F delivers 1.5mph more ball speed off the tee and 2.4mph off the turf, as compared to the 913F. The Titleist 915F.d and 915H.d models are designed to offer slightly less spin New Titleist 915 fairway metals and hybrids, designed to produce lower spin and higher speed, deliver longer distance with exceptional forgiveness from both the tee and turf.
The fastest fairway and hybrid designs Titleist has ever developed, the new 915F, 915Fd, 915H and 915Hd models significantly increase distance for serious golfers of all swing speeds while maintaining high MOI for forgiveness.
In addition, the new titleist 915f fairway wood and hybrids really bring us to another level from a distance perspective. The combination of the Active Recoil Channel and Ultra-Thin Face is powerful in creating more speed with spin reduction for maximum distance. And with our high-MOI design strategy we’re able to provide golfers with the best combination of distance and forgiveness.
However, if you seldon use fairway woods, you can also use the drivers instead. The drivers are designed to offer both increased forgiveness and added distance, through high MOI and a new Active Recoil Channel. This channel, employed on the sole of the club, is long, wide and deep, and enables the Titleist 915 drivers to coil and spring for lower spin, improved ball speeds and greater consistency. The titleist 915 d2 driver and titleist 915 d3 driver are both worthy being put into your golf bag.

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