Always Pay Attention to Fundamentals in Short Games

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The best way to practice high quality and fast speed golf is to take as much short game as better. Yes, short game is always the best way to practice golf and help get progress in short period quickly. But if you think you can ignore the fundamentals when practice short games, then you are wrong. Golf fundamentals such as the grip, clubs, posture and balance, you should never forget them no matter in what kind of golf practice. They are always the key to golf improvement.

We all learn differently, and because there is so much information available to us it can be a challenge to simplify information. Ball position directly impacts trajectory while hand position/shaft angle affects roll. For a low running shot, play the ball off your back foot with your titleist 915 d3 driver shaft and hands angled substantially forward. This will produce a low shot with forward roll when it lands where hands and club shaft forward.
When you desire a medium height shot with some forward roll, play the golf ball in the center of your stance for extra height but have your hands slightly forward. And while slumps might not be 100 percent avoidable, there are some things you can do to make sure that when a slump arises you can get your game back on track in a hurry.
The first step to break a slump is to go back to fundamentals. The slightest change in grip of your ping g25 driver or posture can set in motion a set of compensations during the swing that can ruin your game indefinitely. Whenever a player comes to me in desperation, the first thing you should check are fundamentals. Do the same or find a coach that can help you do the same and the rest will be much easier.
Golf is the combination of physical and mental game, it’s an emotional game and there is nothing that will send your emotions into a tailspin faster than performing on the course below your known abilities. Remember that golf is played one shot at a time and that the next swing with taylormade burner 2.0 irons you make could be the beginning of your next hot streak
Finally, you can place the ball more forward in your stance for extra height and hands over the ball for a high shot with minimal roll. So, next time if you are on the course or at the short game practice area, have a try of the tips above. And remember to own a good set of cheap golf clubs. They can also be a good helper to your game.

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