Special Offer for Christmas

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Special Offer for Christmas!

The new Christmas promotions in 2014 are released from now on! Customers can get a free gift for any golf club you order. How could be Christmas be away from golf? Your family memebrs or friends will surely be happy if you choose golf clubs as Christmas gifts:

Buy any putter or wedge, win a golf cap for free.

Buy any fairway wood or hybrid, win a golf glove for free.

Buy any driver, win a golf towel for free.

Buy any irons, win a t-shirt or a box of golf ball for free.

If you buy a driver + a fairway wood, you will win a free towel + glove.

If you buy a iron set + a driver, you will win a free t-shirt or a box of golf ball + a golf towel.

The more you purchase, the more free gifts you will get! We will check all the information with each of our customers. So, what are you still waiting for? And here we confirm we will arrange all the shipments in time and try our best to do fast delivery on each order. If you are interested or have any question, please feel free to contact us by lowpriceaugolf@gmail.com

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