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We may always feel unconfident or nervous when playing golf. Each time before we hit the ball out, we would be thinking for long and hesitating how we should hit it out. This is very normal for some golf players especially the beginners. Confidence is really what very essential to your golf in mental aspect. As we all know, golf is a both physical and mental ball sport. No one can play it well only by physical effort or only mental favors. So, we are always finding ways to increase our confidence on the golf course both on improving our iron shots and short games, or even shoot our personal best score. 

In order to be confident, firstly, you need to take deep, slow breaths can be helpful, visualizing what you want. The calmer and clearer you can keep your mind, the more you can keep it focused on what you want. Recognize that the physical sensations you feel are caused by adrenaline, which is a natural product of your body, a friend that will help you play better if you keep your mind clear. Be into your target and execute your routine.
Shots from the fairway should not be thought of as power shots.  Don’t swing your titleist 913h hybrid back to 12 o’clock, as you might with a driver. Stop at 10 o’clock, and fight the tendency to hang back on your right side and scoop the ball off the ground. Hit down on it, by making a good shift to your left side.
Also, you should have a correct understanding on “change”. You should never follow the big trend to change yourself like others if you do not need to make any change. Sometimes, it might be better for you to stay in the present. When the change is needed on taylormade burner 2.0 irons, then just change; if not, just go ahead to be yourself in golf playing. o play to your fullest potential, he recommends that you always maintain your focus on the present, rather than reflecting on past mistakes.
For example, if you hit a bad shot, look up to the sky or focus on the beauty of your surroundings. Quickly realizing the relative insignificance of what happened will put it in perspective and allow you to move on immediately. Position your body in front of or even with the ball with your weight on your left side and your knees comfortably flexed and almost touching. The longer the shot, the further you stand from the ball which will allow your arms and cheap golf clubs australia to travel further. 
Finally, never forget the aim for golf playing. If you cannot enjoy the game, no matter how much success you get would not make you happy. So, remember to have fun on your golf playing, always.

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