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You can see lots of tips or suggestions about golf telling you what to do and how to do every here and there. Yes, we are always asked to do all kinds of things to help improve our game. But things always not happen smoothly like what we expected. Why? Have you ever thought of this problem? In my opinion, maybe you have done the right things, but you might not do it at the right time. Right things should be done at right time, otherwise, you will not get the right result. In game improvement of golf, we really have much to do. For example, we all want to play golf at our fastest speed so that we can get longer distance. Once we have more distance, we will hit better shots and lower the score. Power. Everyone wants more of it in their golf game, but most don’t understand how to make that happen. Most players try to make all the power in the swing happen at the ball. This, however, slows the club down after impact and causes the overall swing speed to be maximized at the wrong time. The best way to create speed at the correct time in the swing is to think of a race car going into a curve. The driver pours on the gas and accelerates out of the turn, not into it. If he put his foot on the gas into the apex of the turn he would lose control of the car. So the next time you want to build speed into your swing think about accelerating into the finish instead of into impact. If you do this you’ll maximize speed at the right time and add valuable yards to your game. However, you cannot speed up using your clubs at anytime you want to do. If you hit ball to low or too high, then you want to increase the speed to get more distance, things would be much more difficult. Moreover, at this time, if you insist on speeding up, the ball or club would rebound to your back swing. This would do harm to your balance and golf swing. Finally, pay attention to your golf clubs before hit the ball out. Proper clubs are always your good helper. And you can choose some clubs with speed and distance such as taylormade golf clubs. They have certain advantages in achieving the speed and distance.

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