Distance Is always Easy Saying than Doing

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Whenever we are talking about one thing, we may feel it very easy in just talking about it. Once we go to the real things, we will find it much more difficult than what we think. This is because things are always easy saying than done. Moreover, golf is never an easy sport to learn well. And distance is what we are all looking forward to achieve. In real practice, we should firstly find the reason for short distance. Once we find the basic cause, then we need to do our best to figure out the problem and overcome it. That’s why we always request as much practice as better. Problems and solutions can always be found during practice. Actually, there are two important aspects in creating efficient distance – with control.Controlling the club face is one. The second is proper forearm rotation. In order to maximize every aspect that goes into a golf swing, you must "catch" the ball squarely on the clubface. For most players, getting the clubface squared on the back of the ball is either an accident – or a miracle. Regardless of whether you have a clubhead speed of more than 100 miles per hour, or one that is less than 50 miles per hour, it is paramount that you learn how to control the club face with every club in your bag. In order to master clubface control, you need to start with the shortest of strokes - the putting stroke - and practice squaring the club face on the ball at impact. Start by drawing a line around the ball, and then on a flat putting green or surface, set the ball down with the line straight up and down and practice "rolling" the ball 8-10 feet so that the line remains constant throughout its roll. You cannot achieve a straight line with anything less than square contact of the face on the back of the ball. Once you have mastered rolling ball properly from 8-10 feet, increase the distance, then begin to work on squaring the club face with chip shots with a 6- or 7-iron, then pitch shots, then eventually full shots. Finally, if you think you are ready in golf clubs, then prepare yourself to start your golf. Keep in mind that the truth of more distance is more speed in clubface and to do the right golf at the right time.

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