Are You Still Afraid of the Bunker Shots?

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As we all know, golf is a difficult ball sport to learn well. But if you only play golf for the aim of fun, then nothing is problem. However, I think that most people would like to play golf in a higher lever. Most players still prefer to improve their games instead of just have fun. Sometimes, to enjoy the game not only means play for fun, but also a sublimation of golf and your golf clubs. Never forget that golf is also a mental game. Golf is difficult due to many reasons, among all the problems, golf swing and bunker shots might be the most difficult things for most golf players. That’s why you can hear some players complain “ Oh, I still cannot overcome the bunker play, how to do” or “ I failed again due to the bad shot on bunker ways.”. I know that many golf players are still afraid of bunker shots. The bunker play has been a common problem in golf playing. So, how to get rid of the fear on bunker shots? Firstly, never be nervous but be confident. For most shots out of the sand, use your 60-degree wedge unless the flag is across the green, then you might go to your 54-degree or pitching wedge. Start by addressing the ball with an open club face. Play the ball off your left heel and set about 60 percent of your weight on your left foot. Next, pick a spot approximately an inch behind the ball, as this is where you want the clubhead to enter the sand. From there make an outside in swing, making sure to use a full wrist hinge on the backswing. Additionally, as you swing the club head through the impact zone let the club head release to create the proper speed through the sand. Most golfers don't swing hard enough in bunkers to let the sand propel the ball out of the trap. Feel like you are pounding the sand and accelerating the club head through the shot to improve your bunker play. Finally, try to use some proper golf fairway woods during bunker play. Many golfers would prefer to use golf drivers instead of fairway woods. Actually, bunker ways are just fairways, then we should use fairway woods to go through the shots. Otherwise, why there are fairway woods coming out?

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