Better Golf Swing Starts from Basic Steps

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No any one does not want to play better golf and hot better golf swing. As the most difficult part of golf, golf swing is always the more important golf skill we all need to learn well. Nowadays, seldom players play golf just for fun. We all want our game to be improved, so that we can enjoy the game better. So, what to do if you want to play a better golf?

Position the ball off your left heel for the driver, fairway woods, hybrids and long irons. Move the ball back a couple of inches in your stance for the middle and short irons. Your hands should be positioned just in front of your belt buckle on all shots. For the proper alignment, check and make sure you're swinging the Callaway X2 Hot Driver on the proper plane by laying a club along your feet at address. Your feet, hips and shoulders should all be parallel to the club on the ground.

The titleist 915 d2 driver should travel straight back the first few inches of the back swing, and then the wrist should start to break allowing your left thumb to point to the sky as the hands reach waist height. This is a natural move that starts the correct back swing. From this position, the shoulders continue to make a full turn, which places the hands to the correct position at the top. In this position, the front shoulder should be slightly higher than the rear shoulder as this prevents you from hanging on the front side during the takeaway.

Downswing is the key to solid ball striking. As you swing the hands down at the ball, the weight needs to start to shift off the back foot by sliding the back knee toward the target as you swing the taylormade burner 2.0 irons down. The sensation should be that of pulling the hands down at the ball while sliding the back knee toward the target together. This will eliminate the over-the-top move most average golfers fight. As the right knee moves toward the target, you need to step off the back foot and let your weight move forward toward the target.

In addition, pay attention to your impact.It is the moment of truth, where the clubface striking the ball dictates the kind of shot you are going to hit. Your head should be slightly behind the ball, the hips are opening with the front leg straightened. This position allows the wrists to release causing the right hand and arm to turn over  through the impact zone. This motion keeps the clubface square to the target eliminating off-line golf shots.

In a word, fundamentals are always the basic things you need to pay attention besides the cheap golf clubs. You game cannot be improved if your basics cannot be changed or improved in line.

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