Can Titleist 915 Driver Bring More Distance?

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Once there is coming a new club, you may firstly think about if it can help you get more speed and distance to improve your game. This is normal. All the golf clubs are just produced to meet all golf players’ demand. Everyone can find his or her own right golf clubs by testing them. Recently, the new coming of titleist 915 bring much surprise to all of us. So, you must want to know if it can help you gain long distance, right? If you have not tested it before, you can have a try.

The primary new technology in the 915 range is visible straight away – a channel which runs behind the face on the new drivers, fairways and hybrids. It’s called the active recoil channel (ARC) and holds the key to many of the performance benefits – less spin, more speed, more distance. It’s something Titleist have been working on for the past five years to fully understand and perfect.

Rather than the clubface recoiling at the top – which can create backspin, the ARC allows the face to recoil through the crown and the sole. That low, cutty drive which previously struggled to reach the fairway can actually turn into a half-decent shot with the titleist 915 d2 driver. These technologies along with deep and low CG, ultra thin and high strength materials, industry-leading adjustability and a range of high performance stock shafts feature in the drivers, fairways and hybrids.

When solid contact is made, shots hit above the middle of the face will fly higher and travel farther than shots hit below the center of the face. The reason? Contacting the ball above the center increases the height and reduces spin on the ball, which increases the carry. 

In addition, you can just imagine you are using a striped range ball, or set the logo facing the clubface. Then, set your titleist 915f fairway wood on the ground and make sure at least half of the stripe or logo is above the top of the titleist 915 d3 driver. You are now ready to make a clean "sweep" through the ball. Then just practice this on the driving range by setting up five or six tees about three to four inches away from each other in line. You have your club set right if after contact with the tee it flips out of the ground. 

Remember as well that when you are driving into wind with the driver to tee the ball lower to obtain maximum distance. And never make yourself or cheap golf clubs australia uder the golf ball. Undoubtly, you will get more distance with the new titleist 915 drivers.

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