Is the Callaway X2 Hot Your Favorite Driver?

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Everyone must his or her own favorite clubs just like other favorite things. With the fast pace development of golf, almost all people now can play golf to enjoy the game. Then, golf clubs are the necessary things we must use on golf course. Golf is more difficult and complicated than other sports. And we always find it hard for us to choose the right clubs. 

If you’re lucky enough to have found a brand that tends to work better for you than the others, that’s great! Now you’ll only have to work your way through a handful of drivers. For example, Callaway fans have a lot of nice drivers to choose between different series. Choosing a new Callaway driver can be tricky, but if you can look at several popular models side-by-side, sometimes the best ping g30 driver is apparent.

Among the lightest of all titanium drivers made by Callaway, the X-Hot is both lightweight and long — a perfect combination for a game improvement driver. The thinner face and lower weight club moves more energy from your swing to the ball effortlessly and the Speed Frame Face is more forgiving to off-center hits than its predecessors. The adjustable hosel can help you tweak the face angle, but the moveable weights from that model are gone.

One of the reasons for going back to an all titanium driver is that is sounds better and the callaway X Hot driver does sound very good. You can feel the hotter face at impact as the ball effortlessly takes off on a solid penetrating trajectory. The flight was a bit higher than the Callaway Big Bertha Alpha Driver due to the different weight structure of the club. The Callaway X2 Hot Driver was also very forgiving right across the face so this driver will suit most abilities of players. 

The X Hot uses the same hosel as the Extreme driver, but there are no moveable weights so the changes in loft are all you have. If you have ever tested it before, you may find the adjustable feature is a bit of a 'nice to have' as the club is very forgiving as it is and the face angle changes are quite large. However, compared x hot, the x2 hot is an update series. 

Now that the Callaway X2 Hot Driver is an updating product, it must come with a few minor changes. The all-titanium construction, forgiveness and distance are still there, but most noticeably, the business-suit gray of the X-Hot has been replaced with some flashy orange graphics. Anyway, just feel the cheap golf clubs australia and then choose your favorite one!

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