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Christmas is coming very soon, are you still confused about what to buy as Christmas gift? I know that almost everyone plays golf, and everyone loves this ball sport. In cold winter, most people would give up the idea to go out for golf but to choose watch TV or dishes at home. Yes, bad weather is really a big obstruction for Christmas. But we can never stop playing golf due to bad weather.

Actually, there are now many Golf Indoor Stadiums opreated especially in winter. So, you still have a chance to practise your golf to prevent high score in next Spring or Summer. Therefore, if you have ever thought of buying some good golf clubs as Christmas, then just keep it never give up. When it comes cheap golf clubs australia, I have to mention the newest titleist 915 series clubs. The primary new technology in the 915 range is visible straight away – a channel which runs behind the face on the new drivers, fairways and hybrids. It’s called the active recoil channel (ARC) and holds the key to many of the performance benefits – less spin, more speed, more distance.

It’s something Titleist have been working on for the past five years to fully understand and perfect. Rather than the clubface recoiling at the top – which can create backspin, the ARC allows the face to recoil through the crown and the sole. The combination of the ARC and a new radial speed face work together to create that extra speed and particularly come into play on off-centre hits. That low, cutty drive which previously struggled to reach the fairway can actually turn into a half-decent shot with the 915, which you can not find on new ping g30 driver. These technologies along with deep and low CG, ultra thin and high strength materials, industry-leading adjustability and a range of high performance stock shafts feature in the drivers, fairways and hybrids. With two models available in each, there’s a 915 metal out there for everyone.

Titleist were at great pains to point out that this IS NOT A SLOT even though on the titleist 915F fairway and 915H hybrid the thinner version would be mean coming up with another way to describe it, so let's stick with ARC. However what is thicker is the centre of the face as the ARC increases the speed of that beyond the legal limits so they had to dampen it down. However the ARC also increases it on off-centre hits and that is the big difference with the titleist 915 d2 driver. Titleist call this a Radial Speed Face and the result when I tested it on Trackman was hardly any loss in ball speed when I did not hit the ball with the centre of the club.

The consistency of this was a little spooky as some pretty average hits were almost as good as the ones out of the middle. If you have ever tested the new 915 d2 or d3 driver before, you would know the big difference between them and the old titleist 913h hybrid. Everything seems to come together very well in the 915 driver and for me the increase in carry and total distance of around 20 yards over the 910 driver is significant. You can see this yourself when you go for a fitting as there are two variations and the best one for your swing will pick you. 

Therefore, if you are just in the trouble of Chirsmtas gifts on which to choose, you'd better have a try of the new 915. Your friends or family members would than you.

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