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If you love golf, you may know each golf brand stands for the effect of the whole business and golf clubs. A golf brand can be famous from its golf clubs, golf equipment and even cloths and golf course. There are now lots of excellent golf brands on market, each brand has its own top clubs and features. When it comes to the hottest golf brand in 2014, Ping must be one of the best brands besides Taylormade and Titleist.

The new g30 series satisfy most golf players’ demand on clubs including driver and irons. As a Ping fan, almost of my golf clubs are Ping clubs. I love all of the clubs especially the g30 series. Each time I swing the ping g30 driver out, I would feel great and get game improvement in form of long distance. Compared with my old Callaway X2 Hot Driver, I would still prefer G30.

The key feature of the new Ping G30 Driver sure to grab headlines is the presence of six fins which Ping have dubbed "Turbulators" on the crown of the club, designed to streamline aerodynamics during the swing. Better aerodynamics mean less drag, more clubhead speed, ball speed and thus distance.

However, Ping does not only offer us just the cheap golf clubs australia. Sometimes, it also offer wide rang of golf players a good chance to go out for golf. Yes, a golf trip in groups. The unique PING Experience Day offers groups of eight or more golfers the chance to take a tour around the company’s state-of-the-art European Fitting Centre, visit the PING factory to see the new G30 range being assembled, before having lunch and then playing a round of golf on either the Karsten Lakes or Thonock Park course at the PING-owned Gainsborough Golf Club.

The new PING Experience programme offers golf groups something a little bit different from the norm. They represent a rare opportunity to look behind the scenes and see what PING is all about. PING is the world leader in custom fitting and visitors will get the chance to see how Ping golfers are fitted before experiencing at first hand the craftsmanship and attention to detail involved in assembling all their latest clubs.

The G30 is Ping’s first G-series driver release since late 2012 when the highly acclaimed ping g25 driver started popping up on Tour. The Ping G25 was widely considered as one of the most balanced drivers on the market, providing a combination of distance and forgiveness that few others could match. It seems Ping has made some improvements with its new G30. But g30is never an end, we look forward to more new Ping clubs in future.

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