Control Your Head So that to Control the Game

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As we all know, golf is a difficult sport to learn well. Even if you just play golf fun, you still need to practice and then play. Actually, golf is just like any other sport which is difficult on insisting on it. You would regard it very easy if you only play it for one round. But how about 2 rounds or hundreds of rounds for several months or years? Being one of the most difficult but popular ball sports, golf really enjoy lots of lovers. The most important thing to make golf not so difficult is to control your game.

However, how to control your game? You might be confused on how to control the game as it is really a huge range of meaning. If for cheap golf clubs, we all know how to hold them and try to control them in our hands, so does the game. Firstly, you need to learn to control your head. Your head cannot be moved too frequently or stay stable without moving when playing the game. 

Most golfers allow their heads to move too much which causes a lot of inconsistency in the swing of your new titleist 915 d2 driver. Moving your head in golf is like trying to hit a moving golf ball. For some golfers especially the senior golfers, head movement is often caused by upper back stiffness and neck stiffness. Some of these issues can be corrected with where you have your head when you initially setup to the golf ball.

The biggest problem we see in golfers over 50, is that they tilt their head and chin too far down in their setup. If the head and chin are tilted too far down, they will block the shoulders from being able to rotate back in the backswing. The shoulders will literally run into the chin. The easiest way to fix this problem is to slightly tilt your chin up in your setup position and use a ping g25 hybrid instead of irons. This will allow your shoulders to rotate freely under your chin, keeping your head more still and your eyes focused on the golf ball.

Most golfers know that lifting your head in the backswing is bad for your golf game. It is nearly impossible to consistently hit the golf ball well if you are moving up and down throughout your swing. If you are not stretching regularly, your spine will lose its ability to rotate in the backswing. In your golf swing for example in your swing with the taylormade burner 2.0 irons, the compensation that subconsciously occurs when your spine becomes too stiff to rotate is that the spine extends . 

Your head is the central control center of your whole body, yes, but it is also the focus of your golf game. Next time when doing a golf swing, have a try to control your game starting from controlling your head.

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