Your Speed of Backswing Is the Key for Distance

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When it comes to distance, we all connect it with speed. This is correct, but not completely correct. When there is enough speed, there is distance. But in golf, we never request speed as fast as better. Why? Because too fast speed may create overdistance and unbalance both in golf clubs and your body. Everything has two sides, so, proper speed would be the best speed for you. However, not all the speeds can create distance. In my opinion, the speed of your backswing is more important than others.

The greater width you have in your backswing, the bigger your swing arc will be. This increased swing arc will give your swing more time to increase your club-head speed as you strike the ball.
More speed means more power, which equates to increased distance. To increase width, you need to increase the spacing between your right hand and right shoulder during your backswing
Practice taking a backswing holding the taylormade burner 2.0 irons with just your right hand. Keep your right hand as far away from your body as possible during these practice swings. During this drill, reach your right hand toward the sky at the top of the backswing.

A common swing flaw for many golfers is to have their hands and arms get disconnected from their body during the golf swing with a new titleist 915f fairway wood. Hands too far ahead cause a hook or pull; hands too far behind cause a slice or push. Both moves result in a major loss of power.

Keeping your back knee flexed during the backswing does two things. First, it restricts your hip turn so you can coil your upper body, this builds energy in the backswing. Next, it allows you to drive your weight off your back foot during the down swing so you can release the ping g30 driver head through the impact area.

The proper golf swing has the hands and arms in front of the chest throughout the swing. A good drill to help keep these parts in unison is to hit balls with your elbows as close together as possible during the entire swing. As you address the ball, push your elbows together in front of your chest and have them touch.

On your backswing, turn your chest back keeping your elbows together as long as possible. On the downswing, turn your chest back to the ball, and keep it turning through the follow through. Again, try and keep the elbows together as much as possible.

Finally, no matter of backsiwng or downswing, you need to own a set of excellent cheap golf clubs australia. They are sometimes very helpful in getting longer distance. 

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