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Have you ever tested a titleist 915 before? It has been one more month since the coming out of titleist 915 clubs. I think that many players have already own 1 or 2 in hands. Everyone who has used it before would know its advantages and differences compared with old 913 series. Among the whole titleist 915 family, people would usually pay much attention to 915 d2 and d3 drivers. But how about the 915f, 915fd fairway woods and 915H hybrids? Actually, they are also very excellent golf clubs which would never inferior to the drivers.

New Titleist 915 fairway metals and hybrids, designed using new Active Recoil Channel technology to produce lower spin and higher spin, deliver longer distance with exceptional forgiveness from both the tee and turf. Those technologies, combined with the fitting precision of Titleist’s industry-leading SureFit Tour hosel and tour-validated looks, sound and feel, make for the most complete, consistent metals performance in the game.

The fastest fairway and hybrid designs Titleist has ever developed, the new 915F, 915Fd, 915H and 915Hd models significantly increase distance for serious golfers of all swing speeds while maintaining high MOI for forgiveness. Available in golf shops worldwide beginning the 14th of November in 2014, Ttitleist 915 d2 driver and hybrids provide improved performance through three key advancements.

The proprietary Active Recoil Channel, a long, deep, forward-positioned sole channel that actively flexes at impact to launch the ball off the face with higher speed and lower spin; An Ultra-Thin Face, a high-strength, uniformly thin high-speed face insert that increases ball speed across the face; and a precise, high-MOI design with a low centre of gravity (CG) location that delivers stability and forgiveness by preserving ball speed across the face for more distance, more often.

Titleist R&D designed titleist 915f fairway wood and hybrids to maximise their low-spin, high-speed potential, with the SureFit Tour weight placed in a low, central position behind the Active Recoil Channel on each model to help create ideal CG properties. Golfers can select their models – 915F or 915Fd, 915H or 915 Hd – based on head shape, forgiveness or ball flight. 915F and 915H feature larger profiles for all-around performance with maximum forgiveness; 915Fd and 915Hd offers smaller head shapes for workability and forgiveness, with slightly lower launch and spin and therefore lower flight than F and H.

Titleist 915 fairway wood metals and hybrids feature a new Ultra-Thin Face that works in combination with the Active Recoil Channel to deliver increased ball speed across the entire face. The high-speed, constant thickness face insert, made of high-strength Carpenter steel, is the thinnest face insert Titleist R&D has ever developed. Like their fairway counterparts, 915H and 915Hd hybrids offer low-spin, high-speed performance in two different shapes and sizes. The titleist 915 d2 driver price has a subtle pear profile that provides confidence at address. The fuller, rounder profile delivers maximum forgiveness and slightly higher launch and spin versus Hd. 

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