Any Decision? R15 or G30?

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Recently, I have been puzzled by a problem with my golf clubs. As new 2015 is coming, I want to buy some new golf sets for myself, though I have got some from my friends on Christmas. As I heard that taylormade would release its new R15 on Jan, so I want to get one and have a try. However, at this time, I was told that the new R15 may not fit me well because I have been a ping player for many years, which has create many habits using ping clubs. This is really frustrated. I know that G30 clubs are also very excellent. But this time, I really want to try the new R15 clubs.

With this problem, I searched both of the 2 cheap golf clubs australia and checked all of their features and spces. Available in 460cc, 430cc and two TP models this January, new R15 drivers continue the ‘loft up’ trend that made, and continues to make, the SLDR such a hit with tour pros and amateurs alike. The pre-cursor to the ‘loft up’ campaign was the ability to move weight low and forward in the driver head, and the taylormade r15 driver has an even lower and more forward CG position than its predecessor.

This is achieved predominantly through a new Front Track system, which follows on from the sliding weight-adjustment mechanism that made its driver debut on the SLDR. The new Font Track system sits 12mm further forward that its SLDR equivalent, helping move 40g of mass closer to the face. The result is a repositioned centre of gravity and reduced spin.

The mechanism also houses two 12.5g weights that can be placed in the toe , heel, centrally, or split between the heel and toe. Some 75% of the R15 driver’s mass is low and forward, providing a lower-spinning flight, even with a relatively lofted club. Other technologies on the taylormade r15 fairway wood include weight-saving Ultra Thin Wall casting, Inverted Cone Technology to expand the sweet spot and an Adjustable Loft Sleeve. This provides golfers with 12 different positions and 4 degrees of adjustability on the stock 9.5º, 10.5º, 12º and 14º heads.

Players looking for the ultimate in forgiveness are still likely to opt for the Ping G30 driver, particularly those with average and below average swing speeds. Impressively though, the LS Tec model offers lower spin, and clearly a lower flight, but without anywhere near the drop off in forgiveness seen in i models.

After testing all of the G30 models the SF Tec G30 remained the driver of choice for me. It has been in my bag all year and while the LS Tec provided my longest hit of the test, it couldn’t compare with the forgiveness of the standard G30 or SF Tec models. This was to be expected as my bad shot is a slice and my swing speed is far from quick, the LS Tec clearly wasn’t designed for me.

With a considerably faster swing, the R15 offered longer drives without any loss of forgiveness. A fascinating comparison of different shafts, including differing lengths, showed the capability of the new head design. It offers spin characteristics similar the ping g25 driver but with forgiveness levels far nearer to the G30.

Finally, you will find the new R15 enjoys high rating among all the testers no matter what they used to hit before. So, in order to satisfy my curiosity and wish, I would decide to get a new R15 set including the driver, woods and taylormade r15 hybrid. And I look forward to the coming of the new R15 irons.

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