No Fundamentals, No Real Golf Game!

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Do you still have problem in golf swing? Though we have played golf for months or years, we cannot assure we are good golfers. Why? Golf is really not an easy ball sport to play well. It is common that many players cannot get big progress in golf swing after times' practice and change. Little improvement would be found in such a long process of golf. But have you ever thought of the reason? You may ignore the basic things when pay much attention to other aspects like golf skill?

That’s because they have great fundamentals and have already reached a skill level beyond what most of us can only dream of.  Many swing problems come from basic problems in the setup that manifest into major problems during the swing.  For instance if you align your body well to the right of the target subconsciously you know where the target is, so during the swing you will make an adjustment with the taylormader15 driver to try and get the ball to start toward your target. This is when problems occur,the simple fix is to align properly but without someone telling you to do it,you will make the correction by swinging across your target line which in turn could produce a pull,sliceor variety of poor shots.

Among these fundamentals, the golf clubs you used to play golf see much more important than you can imagine. Many people would not pay much attention to what they use to play. They may think the cheap golf clubs australia can play golf only if they are golf clubs can be used on course. This is totally wrong! If you are a golf lover, you would know how important the ping g30 irons price are. For golf swing, you should firstly own a better driver.

The other important factor to take into consideration when working on your swing is your body. You have to understand your physical strengths and weaknesses if your trying to fix a sway and you have poor hip rotation you can work as hard as you want on the range, but the sway won’t go away until you address your limitation. At TPI we always physically evaluate a player before ever telling them what they should do, this is essential when you’re trying to make a change.

However,if you really want to fix your poor shots check your basic fundamentals first, grip, alignment to the target, alignment of the clubface on a titleist 915f fairway wood at address, ball position and distance from the ball. Develop a checklist with your teacher of what they should be and use that as a guide when you’re not hitting it your best.  You can see so many golfers working on their swings without any real attention to their basic fundamentals.

Finally, you should also pay attention to your golf habit no matter good or bad. Sometimes, these habits may lead to sudden success or failure in golf. This is also one of the fundamentals you need to keep in mind. Once all the fundamentals are prepared and ready, then what you need is just practice after practice.

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