Do You Know How to Calculate Your Handicap?

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For those who have played golf for years, calculating the handicap might not be a problem. However, for those who have just started to play golf, or golf beginners, this might be a big problem. So, if you are golf beginner and not know how to calculate your own handicap, then this article would help you very well. Actually, before calculating ypur handicap, you should firstly know what handicap is.

As a matter of fact, a handicap is a certain number of strokes which a player is allowed to remove from his total score for a round. Think of a handicap like a headstart given by more skilful players to weaker. The better the player, the lower the handicap. From this level, you may find handicap is something more complicate than you think. It is not like a taylormade r15 driver which you can hold in hands and feel it. Before calcualte the handicap, you should know how to determine your handicap.

handicap, officially known as a “handicap index,” allows golfers to calculate a net score that can be used when they are playing against more experienced golfers. A handicap ensures less experienced golfers have lower net scores, resulting in fairer matches whenever they play with intermediate or advanced golfers using a new titleist 915 d3 driver. To determine your handicap, you will first need to compute handicap differentials, as they are known in the golf world.

A handicap differential can be configured by subtracting your course rating (an average good score by a golfer with a 0 handicap; this figure can be found on your course’s scorecard) from your gross score. Then, multiply that figure by 113 (golf courses of average difficulty have this slope rating; a slope rating measures how difficult a course is for golfers who are not “scratch” (with 0 handicaps), when compared to “scratch” golfers).

This total figure should then be divided by the slope rating of your course to determine the handicap differential, which is then rounded to the nearest tenth.
Like the course rating, a slope rating can also be found on your course’s scorecard. You will need to configure, at minimum, five handicap differentials; at most, you can compute 20 differentials.

Then you may ask if there is any relationship between the handicap and the ping g25 driver you use. This is really a good question. In my opinion, the handicap is not only related to your golf skill but also the ping g30 irons you choose and use. Golf beginners must choose the correct golf clubs which fit you well, but not some latest or famous golf brands. If the clubs fit you well, then they are the best for you.

If this sounds familiar, and you are a golfer interested in playing on a more regular basis, you should not only know what a “handicap” is, but also learn how to calculate it. Sometimes, some cheap golf clubs australia would also be a good choice for you, esepciall the golf beginners.

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