Why Golf Clubs Are Different from Men and Women?

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Nowadays, men and women have been almost equal in all fields. Women can do everything men can do, while men can also do the things woemn do. However, there are still many aspects keep the same. Compared with men, women would still less powerful. You can find this difference very obviously in golf fields. Everybody can play golf no matter men or woment, young or old. But there are still some differences on the golf clubs they use. Women are always not so strong as men. So, women golf clubs are always need less in power to swing.

So, many people would ask what is the biggest difference between mens and woment golf? Answers for this question are always variable but if you separate golfers into their respective categories, the same groups of golfers tend to want the same type of improvement for their golf game, especially for women. The vast majority of women answered “more power,” whereas the majority of men, including senior golfers, wanted a variety of improvements including improved accuracy and hitting more greens in regulation.

The obvious answer would be that they generally don’t hit the golf ball as far as men. In fact, the average amateur woman golfer hits the ball approximately 75% as far as the average amateur male golfer. Ideally this should not make a real difference in their golf game because golf courses are supposed to be designed with different tee boxes so that the difference in the distance women and men hit the golf ball should be accounted for, right? Actually they are not, not even close. Women are playing extremely long distance golf courses in relation to their average swing power. As a result, power is a premium! With power at a premium for women, how do we improve it?

As a women golfer, do you find it difficult to hit the green in regulation? Are you having to use hybrids and fairways woods for your approach shots or do you hit the ball far enough to use short, easier to hit, irons? We can find lots of women's golf clubs on market. For example the Callaway Lady's X-22 Iron Set. With the increase number of female golf players, golf clubs for ladies can find larger market. And women can play golf better with appropriate golf equipment.

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