Titleist Introduced the New MB 716 Series

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If you are still impressed with the titleist 915 series and curious about the new iron set, then you are lucky. Because Titleist has launched its better-player 716 CB and MB irons. Till last month (Spetember), Titleist finally ended the long period of none new irons after 714 series. The new 716 CB is a modern cavity blade engineered with industry-leading amounts of high density tungsten for tour-proven shotmaking with added forgiveness, while the 716 MB is a pure muscle back blade with modern refinements providing maximum shot control.

Both of CB abd MB 716 irons have already been used by some PGA Tour players  They all have good comment on these irons and strongly recommend them to all of the golf lovers. This is really a gospel for all golf players especially titleist golf players, is that right? If you tell me you are still putting the old titleist ap1 irons in bag, then you'd better make a change of your situation and get them updated with the new 716 irons.

Firstly, the CB 716 iron set creates a Low CG that is perfectly aligned at impact to increase speed and distance. The tungsten weights are shaped to the perimeter and placed low and out using an advanced co-forging process for a solid feel and higher MOI. With an average of 55.2 grams of tungsten per head – drives higher ball speeds across the face for more consistent distance on off-centre hits, without the loss of workability or shot control. The forgiveness of 716 CB, with a 12% higher MOI than the previous generation 714 CB, is comparable to the previous generation 714 AP2 model. And it has a slight progression up through the set delivers precise, tour-proven trajectory, while increasing the sweet spot for a solid.

At the meanwhile, the titleist MB 716 irons feature a squarer toe and thin topline, inspired by the Titleist Forged 680 series (circa 2003) for a tour-proven flight. The high muscle back weighting, better positioned behind the sweet spot, provides pure, forged feel on every shot. It also owns a slight progression up through the set delivers precise, tour-proven trajectory, while increasing the sweet spot for a solid feel. Following feedback from the Tour pros, Titleist has designed precise head profiles that look perfect from the long taylormade speedblade irons to the short irons to provide consistent performance on every shot.

When it comes to this, some people would doubt why titleist produced both of the vb 716 and mb 716 at the same time and at the same price? Are they superfluous? The answer is absolutely not. When you look at works of art like the Titleist 716 MB irons then you realise why they still make them and why people still play them. They glint and tempt you to take them on and master them like a rodeo horse standing calmly in the pen before being released into the ring.

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